Essay on What Does the Bible Say About Animal Cruelty?

Essay on What Does the Bible Say About Animal Cruelty?

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A social issue is a matter of public concern over which there is considerable disagreement and debate within society as a whole. Quite often when social issues are debated whether that debate takes place within church walls or outside the hot button issues are covered. Issues such as Christians and military service, what the bible has to say about gay marriage, or family violence. These are all very much important issues in our world today, but what about social issues where the lives being affected have absolutely no voice or power to make their case. That social issue is animal abuse and neglect. What does the Bible teach about this issue and what can we learn? The goal is to seek to answer those questions in exploring the New Testament while not neglecting the Old Testament to develop a theological framework and practical application for animal rights as they pertain to abuse and neglect.
The issue of animal abuse is an issue with a silent voice both in the sense that the victims have no voice and that does not seem a loud enough by the way human voice in support. Eyes are rolled or the channel is quickly changed a commercial comes on with the emaciated dog or cat missing a limb. The issue of animal abuse is more serious than believed to be and it happens for many reasons. The reasons why people abuse animals are:
1. To control an animal
2. To retaliate against an animal
3. To retaliate against another person
4. To satisfy a prejudice against a species or breed
5. To express anger through an animal
6. To enhance one's own aggressiveness
7. To shock people for amusement
8. To displace hostility from a person to an animal
9. To perform non-specific sadism

A case in September of this year involved two Sout...

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