What Does Soy Products Can Be A Bad Thing? Essay

What Does Soy Products Can Be A Bad Thing? Essay

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Who would think that soy products can be a bad thing? Soy products are well known around the world for being a good source of protein. Soy is welcomed to people’s diets because it is said to be good for your heart and good in your diet. Soy is a plant food that provides your body with all the amino acids that your body needs to make proteins. Soy helps your body make proteins in your body, but it can also harm your body (American Institute for Cancer Research,2015). Because soy is such a controversial topic there have been many experiments on soy and the advantages and disadvantages that it can cause the human body to have. Recently there has been links between soy and cancer. Can soy increase your chance of cancer? The effects of soy are still in research today and with the information that scientist have already found we can determine the effects that soy has on the risk of developing cancer.
According to the Biology, book cancer has many different types of diseases and each type of cancer has a different way of defining itself. Cancer is a “cellular disease” and the cells share traits make them different from other cells. Because cancer cells can reproduce unlimited times it is easy to create a tumor. A tumor is formed when cancer cells lose control of how often they are re-duplicating. After a pile and another pile and another pile of clumps of cells is put together they form what is called a tumor (Sylvia and Michael, 2013, Pg.448-449). You can get a tumor in multiple ways. In the progression of a mutation, a cell must mutate and then divide many times. A cell would form afterward and another mutated cell will show up. The cell will take over the tumor, and this same cell will help another tumor form. This is how a tumor...

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... There was more hidden information that couldn’t be found. The results from one study to the next study will always vary because there are different factors that go into each study. Like how far cancer has spread and more factors. However, both of these studies show the difference of conclusions that many studies have come through.
In conclusion, there have been many different findings in studies that have been done. The effects of soy are still in research today and with the information that scientist have already found they can determine the effects that soy has on the risk of developing cancer. It has been proven that in some occasions soy does increase the risk of breast cancer while in other occasions it has been proven that soy can help decrease the chance of increasing breast cancer. Now we know that if people consume soy they should do it with limitations.

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