What Does Julia Annas Mean By The Computer Manual? Model Of Moral Decision Making?

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For the question on the Spring Term I will be looking at the question: What does Julia Annas mean by the ‘computer manual’ model of moral decision-making? What are the implications for moral theory? The ‘computer manual’ model is what Annas uses to describe our moral decision making. Annas says in regards to this: “The computer manual does the technical work for us and makes clear the theoretical simple grounds of the decisions we need to make when use the computer. The common model of a theory of right action, as we meet it explicitly in many introductions to moral theory, and implicitly in the work of many moral theorists can be called the computer manual model.” This idea of a computer doing the ‘technical’ work can be useful to us, due to living in an age of technology which is something that can be useful to us, as our own brains are our ‘built in computer. It is also crucial in processing our thoughts about each of our own moral decisions of what is right and wrong. I think what Annas means by the ‘computer manual’ model is that we are responsible for our own decisions. Something that I am confident about is that we are definitely responsible for our own actions, and whether or not and how they affect each person. Also with the ‘computer manual’ model, we need to be aware that our own moral actions affect people, and those people may look up to us as ‘moral exemplars’. These moral exemplars can be anyone and we gain the standard from that person, and these moral exemplars are anyone from celebrities to siblings, or the older generation to wiser extended family members. These leads me to believe that most people have at least one person who they see as a moral exemplar. However what would happen if people’s ‘computer man... ... middle of paper ... ...doxical as to how a person looks at life. I think that the implications for moral theory is that we should have moral standards. Some might be skeptical by thinking that it is ‘old-fashioned’, but it is applicable to us today. Having moral standards, I am led to believe makes us worthy moral exemplars. Are we really moral exemplars if we do not have any form of moral standards? The answer might be a simple no as if we had no moral standards we would not care for life in general. The reason for this conclusion is because if our ‘moral exemplar’ went and harmed themselves, would people go and harm themselves? I think that it would be no, because most people have a specific set of standard from various people, for some it will be Parents, Grandparents, Siblings and friends. If we had just one moral exemplar then we would be ‘robots’, because we would copy what they do.

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