What Does It Take You Become A Certified Public Accountant?

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What does it take to become a Certified Public Accountant, the first step is, it will take lots of hard work and dedication. I will also discuss the requirements needed to enter the field, expectations, educations and experience needed. Also, I interviewed two people, one is currently an accountant, and the other has worked as an accountant but life has directed her to make certain career changes. What is a CPA or Certified Public Accountant? CPA are state licensed or certified. They analyze financial data an prepare reports for individuals or organizations in order to describe the financial soundness of the business operations. These reports are used for management decision making. The requirements for a CPA are to has at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but if they have a masters degree the individual will have a bigger advantage. Also they must be familiar with computer accounting programs. CPA’s must be licensed in all states and requires that all applicant pass a two day written examination. CPA’s are in charge of monitoring an reporting transaction data such as sales, purchases, and account payable and receivables. They also report flow of money an assets. With these reports, they help make decisions, and manage money. The CPA’s job is a very important job. Many business that are thriving or failing need CPA’s to help them keep making money or help them find the problem. CPA’s are used in many different industry such as medical hospitals, Law firms, financial firms, entertainment companies. If you own your own business its always better to have a CPA o your book keeping to avoid any legal issues that you will have with the IRS. I interviewed Larimar Rodriguez, she currently runs an accounting services ... ... middle of paper ... ...king under her for many years. She currently doesnt work as an accountant or book keeper because once she moved from Colombia to the united states she meet her husband and they had kids and she was a stay at home mother. Many year passed by and her kids were older and her and her husband were now divorced so she had to fend for her self. She currently cleans rich ladies apartments in Manhattan an lives with her two daughters. When asked if she had any words of wisdom? She stated that “ Follow your reams and don’t let no one interfere with them. Not your family or life partner because you never know what can happen in life” In Conclusion, judging from this two stories and their life experience i realized its not going to be an easy road to get where i want to be, also that their will be many distractions but i have to surround myself around positive and people.
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