What Does it Mean To Be Human? Essay

What Does it Mean To Be Human? Essay

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"I'm only Human," is a response everyone hears when someone makes a mistake. Does that mean humans are in heritably fallible? Or are we fallible because of society? In Mexico it is polite to greet someone by kissing them on the cheek, in the United States it is considered an invasion of personal space. Personal traits make up society, nevertheless there are characteristics that is common throughout all of our species. People's identity is formed through their moral behavior and conscience, making them human.For centuries humans functioned by morals and conscience, but in today's society we have a social order. The government and those in power help formulate our opinions and are utilized to keep us in check. The fundamental aspect of humans is morality and their relationship in society due to their interaction based on conscience efforts to keep order.
Many philosophers and psychologist from Jean Piaget to William James have theorized what makes a person who they are, their identity. Jean Piaget believed that the identity is formed in the sensorimotor stage and the preoperational stage. This means that a child is forming his identity as late to the age of seven (Schellenberg, 29) However, identity is strongly impacted by society such as school, church, government,and other institutions. Through our interactions with different situations our personality develops (Schellenberg 34). "In most situations there is a more diversified opportunity for the development of social identities, reflecting what the individual wants to put forth to define the self as well as what others want to accept,"(Schellenberg 35). Therefore, humans, much like animals, adapt to different situations based on who they are with. Individuals are always changi...

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...such as during the eighteen hundreds we were allowed to own slaves, or in the early nineteen hundreds men were allowed to beat their wives. The more individuals reach Kohlberg's post-conventional stage, the more we will advance as a society. Our identity and morals motivates our intelligence, aggression, and attraction are all fueled by our conscience and the society around us. Our conscience is motivated by our morals. Kohlberg's states, "the main experiential determinants of moral development seem to be amount and variety of social experience, the opportunity to take a number of roles and to encounter other perspectives," (Schellenberg, 55). Therefore, society has a major influence on our selves and through relation our morals.

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