What Does It Mean For The American Dream? Essay

What Does It Mean For The American Dream? Essay

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What does it mean to be black in America? Does the American dream apply to blacks or is the system structured against that? African Americans in the U.S from a very young age are taught and learn that they are different from their white counter parts. This in turn can go heavily affect how they go about their adult lives and what avenues they pursue and what their definition of American is to them. Now wither that definition is positive of negative is irrelevant it’s just the context that their definition can vastly differ from whites and then even more dived amongst other blacks. From a very young age blacks are exposed to a type of “systematic racism” to let them know that they’re are different than everybody else under the eyes of America. This can be accomplished with programs like affirmative action and with kids having technology so early now a day they are exposed to many things from a young age now.
In 2015 there is an ignorant notion that the world is getting worse which is not the case. The reality is that it is ever more apparent to everyone because of the rise of cameras and social media. Now 20 years ago the youth of the blacks knew that racism and discrimination was apparent but if one said child 20 years ago never saw any of it till their adult hood they wouldn’t be prepared mentally for it. Look at today where it seems like almost every other another unarmed black man, women, child are being shot by police. Black youths see that from such an early age, which can be for better or worse. If you look at it from a “positive” side it’s good to have black children exposed to such things so they can see that this “system is out to get them and they have to be careful. On the other side of it this can taint a black child...

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... While our answers may seem similar, Ms. Leonard’s is extremely more pessimistic than mine and this can be related to her experience she had as a child and the chip she now has on shoulder growing up black in America.
While this only tapped on the surface on what is it to be black in America, it’s easy to see that from a very young age blacks can see the place they are in figuratively and literally. From the accounts of Ms. Leonard you can draw a very broad conclusion on how treating black students different than the rest can change the values a black person can grow up with. Seeing violence on blacks ever so more prevalent in the media changes how African Americans view police and the court system, both things put in place to protect America’s citizens but the opposite can be said for blacks. To be black in America is to be oppressed by the system you’re born in.

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