Essay on What Does It Mean? Do They Each Account For Where Social Problems?

Essay on What Does It Mean? Do They Each Account For Where Social Problems?

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1. What does it mean when we say that social problems may arise out of objective or subjective concerns? What are the differences between these two distinctions in how they explain problems?
Objectivist believe a social problem only is measurable by problematic effect, meaning that only “harmful” things are problematic. Such as death, illness, or actions that have negative consequences. Subjectivist believe a social problem arise, if a definable group of people believe there is a social problem. The key differences between the two theories are simply, Objectivist must see a “concrete” problem i.e. someone or people are dying because of “x”. Subjectivist explain problems as “trends” if a group of people decide that homelessness is a problem this it is a problem, however, if no group of people decide that bullying is a problem, then it isn’t.
2. What are the three main theoretical traditions in sociology? How do they each account for where social problems come from?
The three major theoretical or branches in sociology, Structural Functionalist, Conflict, and Constructivist/Symbolic Interactionist. Structural Functionalism teach problems come from two areas, social pathology i.e. there is a “sickness” is society that must be cured and Social disorganization i.e. rapid changes in society coupled with the inability of people to keep up with the changes. Conflict theory could not be any more different than the Structural Functionalist. Conflict theory is based on a theory that society is built around conflict over social institutions. The three major areas focused with conflict theory are Economic inequality, Race-Conflict, and Gender-Conflict. (All of the inequalities within each group) Constructivist/Symbolic Interactionist look...

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...about consumer goods. Learn about different cultures and types of citizens.
Public Purpose: Whatever is popular To ensure diverse ideas even if they are not popular.
Regulation: Hindrance and seen as harmful to a free market and a free market. Positively accepted in ensure the public interest is protected.
Accountability: Owners and shareholders The public (people) and government agencies
Success: Profits Serving the public interest

15. How would a conflict theorist explain racial inequality? What might they suggest as a possible solution for reducing racial inequality?
Conflict Theorist explain racism and racial inequality as ethic inequality as stemming from the conflict between those that have power and those that do not. A possible suggestion for solution might be to have the people with the power to accept their power and help the people who hold less power.

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