Essay about What Does Finance Mean?

Essay about What Does Finance Mean?

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By interviewing four of my friends about their knowledge about finances and what does finance mean to them and how to improve it. The people that I had interviewed student, workers, parents and store owner. I had asked my friend Nawal who is a science major at Brought of Manhattan community college and he said that:

I am a science major I want to become a pharmacist so I can open my own pharmacy. For that reason, I have a part time job at a privet pharmacy that I am using to gain experience and to make some money. I actually spend my money wisely because I am international student and it is hard to work and to make money like everyone. But, with even that little amount of money that I make it every month I am able to buy books, metro card, pay my rent and food. Sometimes it is hard to manage my money between what I need and I really need, as I might spend the money in the wrong place that I will regret after. Sometimes, like when I am depressed I used to spend my money in clothes or sneakers not because I need them but because it just feels good. In fact, I knew that money I had spent will affect the rest of the month whether, I will be short in buying some groceries or paying my phone pill. It was hard to control that as I had learn from my own experience that money is the protector that I have to learn how to save it and increase it. In fact, that is what I think finance is about. May be in the future with a full time job I can save some money to improve my finance skills.
What Nawal said actually came from a true experience that he went throw.

Second was my coworker Ashly who is single mother for a three years girl. She said about her financial experience that:
It is hard when you are a parent especially when you’re...

... middle of paper ...

...had lost a good store because I could not manage it as I suppose to do. In market or any business in general there are good days and bad days. So, I learned next time I will open a business I will be ready for any bad days or slow business. I opened that store after three years from working and learning at my cosine’s store in Brooklyn. It is true that the location of the store is an important things that can affect your business.

To sums up what I have got from my interviewees that finance skills is something that we need to work on as much as we need to have a better future. I actually had learned a lot from their experience as I am trying to manage to pay back my school loan that had last year. I do have a strategy but I want to learn if there is other ways that I can invest my money so by the time of graduation I can return the loan and have left over money.

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