What Does Cruciate Ligament Rupture Is A Disease Of The Leg Essay

What Does Cruciate Ligament Rupture Is A Disease Of The Leg Essay

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Cruciate rupture also known as cruciate ligament rupture is a disease of the leg. According to ACVS article “Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease” a cruciate ligament rupture can also be called cruciate disease, ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, ACL injury, torn cranial cruciate ligament, partial ACL injury, tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, tibial tuberosity advancement, lateral suture stabilization, and meniscal tear (Small Animal Topics). Even though a cruciate ligament rupture is not life threatening it can still be very dangerous and harmful. To put it simply a cruciate ligament rupture is just a name for a torn knee ligament. However, cruciate ligament rupture is not a simple disease of the leg. When a cruciate ligament rupture occurs the ligament of the knee joint is torn. The ligaments of the leg are what allows the leg to move. The word cruciate means cross shape and in the knee there is a crossing of ligaments. These crossing ligaments are the ones that tear, causing a cruciate ligament rupture to occur.
The cruciate ligament rupture can be seen in humans, cats, and dogs. A cruciate ligament rupture is most often seen in large and medium dogs. This could be contributed to the size difference between cats and small dogs verses large and medium dogs. However, obese animals of any size are at a higher risk of suffering from cruciate ligament rupture. As well as obesity the breed of dog can increase the risk of cruciate ligament rupture. For example a toy poodle a small breed of the poodle is one breed likely to suffer from cruciate ligament rupture.
There are many incidences and factors that can cause a cruciate ligament rupture to occur. The reason the ligament ruptures is because of the repeated stretching and pressure...

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...lace the ligament. The Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy® surgery cuts the bone and relines the joint to help reduce the need for the old ligament.
For non-surgical treatment medication and change in exercise is prescribed. The medicine normally consists of pain killer and joint supplements. The pain killer helps the injury from hurting and the joint supplements mask the symptoms like inflammation. As for the change in exercise, depending on the animal it is either increased or decreased. The increase in exercise is so the joint does not get stiff. As the decrease is to lessen the stress and work the limb needs to do. The decrease in exercise lessens the occasions when the joint may get injured again. One treatment normally for humans is getting a brace for the knee joint. Animals however, may not enjoy having something raped around their knee and try to get it off.

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