What Does Creativity Really Me? Essay

What Does Creativity Really Me? Essay

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“Only 25% of people believe they are living up to their potential to be creative” (“Adage.com,” n.d.). I was apart of the 75 percent of people who felt that they are not creative. However, after taking EDU 222, I have realized that I am living up to my potential to be creative because my idea of creativity was wrong and was closer to the definition of imagination. More people need creativity in their lives, as well as in education because it can teach students and people valuable skills that they would not learn with such ease. This course was a wonderful lesson and taught me how to expand my creativity and how to help my future students become creative in this next generation.
Throughout the entire course, we talked in depth about what creativity is. There are many different definitions that people can use to describe it, but there is no precise definition because it is a very flexible term. My group came up with the definition that creativity is expressing yourself in a unique way through any medium. There were many other groups definition that fit this term as well. From the book Out of our Minds, Ken Robinson said that creativity is, “the process of developing original ideas that have value” (2011, p. 3.). Creativity is not just used in art, dance, or music like most people think. You can be creative in learning, sports, and basically anything you do. Like Ken Robinson stated, you can be creative by coming up with a way to sell a product. The product may not be original, but your idea is and therefore you are creative. Another major part of creativity is the ability to be yourself, “creativity is sometimes associated with free expression” (Robinson K., 2011, p. 4). My choice book Steal like an Artist, gives great tips for any...

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...row out of it. Often we are educated out of it.” (2011, p. 49). Teachers should be teaching students how to be creative, and how to think on their own, so students will be able to go far in the future and succeed in any job they want.
Overall, I have learned so much about how to incorporate creativity into my daily life, as well as my classroom. EDU 222 was by far my favorite class, and deffinatly the most important ones I have taken and probably will take. I feel that not only educators should take this class, but anyone working with children. I am a creative person, and I will continue to use these tools to foster myself into become even more creative, as well as teach my students and own children how to be creative. 25 percent of the population should not feel they are not creative. It should be 100 percent of the population should feel that they are creative.

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