What Does Book State Are The Two Conditions That Must Be Met Before A Case

What Does Book State Are The Two Conditions That Must Be Met Before A Case

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Assignment 4

What does you book state are the two conditions that must be met before a case can be waived from Juvenile Court to Adult Court jurisdiction?

The two conditions that must be met before a case can be waived from Juvenile Court to Adult Court Jurisdiction: “The age of the offender at the time the crime was committed and the nature of the offense”.

Based upon your home state, provide the youngest age of a juvenile tried as an adult. (please provide the link to support your response)
George Pittman, of Chester SC is the youngest juvenile tried as an adult at the age of 12. Pittman is serving 25 years after, killing his paternal grandparents. After, reading the article I feel that this was brought on by the nature vs nurture theory. He was raised in a broken home, his mother left him and his father step in a tried to raise him correctly. Next, his grandparents tried to help, and step in for his mother. The outcome of this didn’t turn out so well. His grandfather try to enforce discipline to George for being unruly in church. The result of that conflict was the killing of both of his grandparents with a shot gun.

Differentiate between the Cottage System, the Child Savers and Hull House approaches to juvenile corrections?
The cottage system was the first female detention center, established in Massachusetts in 1855. The buildings provided were residential houses (cottage) used for about thirty youth. The difference in the Cottage system was that, it was a family form and function based detention setting. The houses were operated as a family house, ran by the parents (husband and wife) and the children would be the youth in the co...

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...s and in adult humor. England and France passed “Poor laws” and Aries stated a lot of the principles were proclaimed by religion.
1970: Wiley Sander’s Informative Book Juvenile Offenders for Thousand Years.
1973: Juvenile Delinquency was brought about in the 18th century. Two more house of refuges were established in Boston and Philadelphia. Mary Ann Crouse father’s petition was denied. The US adopted some laws from England Parens Patriae. “Failed parents lost their rights” to raise their child/children the way they wanted.
1982: Children have command of speech and the widespread of playing with children private parts within the middle age. Postman states that children beyond age of seven were adolescences.
1988: John Sutton states that children are “stubborn”.

Grossberg states that a welfare system be started to help poor children and the cost of parental control.

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