Essay What Does An Employer, Housing Lease, Officer, And Judge All Have?

Essay What Does An Employer, Housing Lease, Officer, And Judge All Have?

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What does an employer, housing lease, officer, and judge all have in common ? Give up ? They all discriminate in one way or another. Housing leases, employment, and financial aid applications as well as many other documents ask whether or not you have a criminal background. Police officers are prejudice against minorities when it comes to trying to make arrest, and judges are stereotypical when it comes to sentencing people. Our justice system has failed our country and the people getting the bad end of the stick are exconvicts and minorities, and if things don 't change now they will only get worse.Bottom line is to end the problem of a dysfunctional criminal justice system, our country as a whole must embrace the value faith in order to have a truly fair and equal criminal justice system in place.

Discrimination in our country has tainted our criminal justice system and society leaving minority 's with a life destined to fail. Data from SFPD from the years 2013-2015 showed blacks were 4 times more likely to be searched by probable cause then whites, how ever whites were 42% more likely to get arrested for illegally activity. This shows how officers are more likely to go after minorities even if data shows they are less likely to make an arrest on them. The discrimination doesn 't stop there, according to "open society foundation" there data showed whites are more likely to receive bail, be sentenced with less time or have there charges dropped when commenting the same crimes as a Hispanic or African American. This proves just based on your ethnicity you are given an upper hand in a justice system that is supposed to treat everyone equal. Now picture this you are a minority male in his late 20 who at a traffic stop on his way t...

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...ach. By having faith in others you stop yourself from judging but learn to accept and help. If our justice system can learn to do this it will stop targeting minority groups giving them the faith in themselves to do something positive in there life and contribute to society. Our prison system should also take an approach like the one in Norway"s, having faith in its prisoners and helping them to prepare for the outside life rather then setting them up for failure. It 's shocking that a country founded on its people being free would get to a point where it 's country criminal justice system in many cities are at a breaking point due to discrimination. However just like the trait discrimination has destroyed our Country, all it takes is one value faith in particular, to rebuild and rejoice our country giving it 's people another reason to be proud to call it there home.

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