What Do You Like About Middle School? Essay

What Do You Like About Middle School? Essay

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1. What do/did you like about middle school? Why? ( draw out characteristics of a MS student and /or philosophy of learning)
I like changing being able to move around in class and changing classrooms. I feel like I have more choices.
How do you have more choices?
I can chose different ways to show what I learned. It’s just more fun and interesting.
Is it different from grade school?
Middle school is so much better than grade school, because it seems like I’m learning more and having fun. I get to do stuff that I like and am able to be with my friends more.

2. Did you ever feel like part of your education was your choice? In what way? Give an example.
Yes. We get to choose where to sit in lunch or what I want to eat.
Can you give me any other examples?
Sometimes I have a say in class, but not always. We get to make decisions, but it is like we get five choices and we can only choose one.
Can you explain your choices in more detail?
Well, in social studies I get to choose if I want to work with others or by myself. I also get to choose to show what I learned. I can choose a device to use with my projects. Like I can use my IPad, Evernote, my notebook or talk about it.
Can you tell me about other examples?
In gym we get free days where we get to choose what we want to do or when we’re done with our activity, we can choose what to do next. We might have 5 stations and we can choose the one we want to go to.

3. Did you participate in extracurricular activities in school? Which ones? Why did you choose these?
Yes, I do a lot. I’m in chorus, bowling, newspaper, scrabble club, I’m on the leadership team, and in the homework club.
Why did you choose these activities or clubs?
Because they’re geared towards ...

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...d on what they feel is important, interesting, or beneficial to them.
This has shown me the perspective of a student and the value that he has on school and his experiences in it. It is important to consider the developmental stage that students are in because they have more than educational needs. Students need to have their social emotional needs met. As a teacher, I will have to consider what is important to my students. Students need to see that I value them and help them feel connected to the learning community. I have to give them choices in how they want to learn and how they can show what they learned. I also have to use student’s interests and ideas while teaching to help them make a connection with the content being learned. I want my students to want to learn and enjoy it. In order to do this, I have to learn about my students and their needs.

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