What Do Police Officers Do? Essay

What Do Police Officers Do? Essay

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A police officer is a warranted law employee of a police force. In the United States, "officer" usually is the formal name of the lowest police rank. What do police officers do? Duties of Police officers are generally to apprehend criminals,prevent and detect crime, protect and assist the general public, and the maintenance of public order. In order to become a police officer one may need to go through some of the application process requirements. Some of them are to be at least 20 years of age,be a US citizen, be mentally and physically sound, no history of criminal or improper conduct, and a High school Diploma or equivalency. Given all the information, Police officers have a lot of power. Police officers can end lives,arrest or detain a citizen, induce fear, use excessive force, even be plain bigots if they please.Then why is it that the community hates police officers so much and are given all these negative notations associated with the career and low pay, why do people even bother to join the force? It can be argued that everyone has a reason to call Police officers “pigs” and bash them.

Well contrary to belief not many police officers act in such a manner and are human beings just like us. The community may plead all police officers use discrimination, overuse of power and excessive force on unarmed victims.While too a very small extent in some cases it may be true most officers join because they want to serve and protect. We as voting citizens have the right to vote for politicians and choose laws. People that break the law are usually the ones that have negative comments to make about local law enforcement, We get mad at the police for enforcing the law even though we have the power to vote and change the l...

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...t prisoners (and like I’m guessing they yell at their wives and children). Or the airport security officer who stuck her hand down my pants, and when I complained told me that if I really wanted to I could tell it to the nearby cops—clearly her friends—and go ahead and miss my flight.” In this article he bluntly admits to breaking the law then gets mad for running a stop light and getting a ticket for it. Secondly the writer sounds as if he 's never had a bad day and is sensitive about someone speaking a little louder. Lastly, i’m sure this really happened he would have filed a complaint after he had boarded the plane.With that being said, police officers risk their lives for us every day , have to deal with the angriest, rudest ,and dangerous people ever, all while being unappreciated for the good deeds that never seem to receive the same attention as they deserve.

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