Essay about What Do I Know About Myself As A Negotiator?

Essay about What Do I Know About Myself As A Negotiator?

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I have chosen to take this elective subject, as there were many cases in my personal life where I failed to negotiate and explain myself properly. After participating in the simulations and listening to the lecture, then I can see where I failed and what I have done wrong before. The theoretical part of the subject was highly beneficial as I could see what should have been done differently; the simulations were also extremely useful because they gave me an opportunity to apply myself and the newly gained knowledge. I can surely say that these approach of learning and then practicing is highly effective, especially when it comes to learning new techniques in my real life negotiations.
An important lesson that I have learnt throughout this subject was the fact that each negotiation goes through a number of phases before coming to a conclusion or a final agreement. We have had an extensive discussion in the lecture on what is the longest and most important stage, however we did not come up to a concrete conclusion as all of the stages have a vital role in the overall process. Judging by my personal experience and simulations done in class, I can say that planning stage is probably one of the longest, especially if the negotiation has many aspects that have to be talked over. A good example of this would be our last simulation done in class-Union vs. Management. We were given an entire morning to negotiate, out of which over 3 hours were used for the bargaining and agreement part. However prior to that we held 2 meetings with all of the group members in order to discuss how we would approach the overall negotiation. We have read the case study a number of times and divided into separate p...

... middle of paper ... to become an effective leader in negotiation communications.
Overall, I would like to say that the course was very helpful as it has not only taught me a number of frameworks and techniques that are useful in negotiation, but it gave me an opportunity to practice those techniques and see how they work in real-life situations.
There were many techniques and methods I have never heard of before, further more looking back at my previous negotiations I can clearly see the mistakes I was making: lacking planning, not listening and having a pro-active approach, not framing the negotiation and jumping straight to the main part thus creating confusion for the other party.
I have also learnt the importance of taking breaks and stepping back in order to get over certain barriers or difficult points, this was especially highlighted during all of the simulations.

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