What Do Children Do When They Come Home From School With No Parental Supervision?

What Do Children Do When They Come Home From School With No Parental Supervision?

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What do children do when they come home from school with no parental supervision? What about when parents are tired from a long day of work and feeling guilty for not being accessible to their children? In the article “Kids Kustomers,” Eric Schlosser discussed how advertisements are the works of advertising companies to evoke a brand loyalty and how children are being targeted by the advertising companies to reach into their parents’ wallets. He speaks about television being a huge source of advertisement directed at children. He shows research on how children can recognize different characters and how it influences the children to encourage their parents to purchase those brands. While, most people would agree with this author about television being problematic, it seems children and advertising companies have moved to the Internet and Mobile Media. Many children spend a lot of their time unsupervised searching the internet. What people must understand is why children have time to immense themselves in advertisement-heavy activities, the amount of Television and Internet use children are utilizing, what that means for the advertising companies in dollar amounts, and what that means in terms of the children’s cognitive skills. The lack of supervision from parents and the accessibility of the Internet has allowed advertising firms to respond in innovative ways to advertise to children who lack the cognitive skills to fully understand the advertisements in hopes to continue brand loyalty.

Certainly, advertising companies have been motivated by this trend of two working-parents and continue to realize the amount of money they can exploit from parents by using their children. Many parents must work in this day’s economy to have t...

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...brand loyal as they once were because of the lack of intention.
In conclusion, once upon a time children were busy with crafts and playing outside. Someone was home to supervise their children, instead of children plopping in front of a screen. Childrens punishements would involve being grounded from the television and sent to read a book. Nowadays, according Robert Miner, “nearly half of the 800 parents quizzed by Miner & Co reported that they confiscate their kids’ tablets when they act up and make them watch TV instead.” (Crupi, 2015) As long as there is a tilted balance in the households, where parents are inaccessible to their children, children will continue to entrench themselves in forms of entertainment drenched in advertisements in front of a screen. The battle of what children see in an advertisement, will continue to turn into what they “need and want.”

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