Essay about What Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Had Never Existed?

Essay about What Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Had Never Existed?

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Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Hiroshima had never been bombed in World War II? What if the Cuban Missile Crisis had never existed? Try to imagine a world where a nuclear outbreak is was never a worry. This is what would happen if we did not have molybdenum. Molybdenum is used in many metal parts in technology, such as nuclear missiles. One component that makes this possible is that molybdenum is a refractory metal. Other refractory metals are tungsten, niobium, tantalum, and rhenium. These metals possess a number of characteristics concerning durability that no other metal possess. These characteristics allow molybdenum to be placed in environments normal metals would not function well. If molybdenum did not possess these characteristics, missiles would not be the same as we know them now. If we did not have access to molybdenum, missiles would not be able to survive the extreme environments it goes through now. Missiles would not be able to travel at the high speeds they do today. How we defend ourselves would be fundamentally different. Molybdenum is fundamental to our missiles. Molybdenum is an element that possesses many characteristics. This element is used in missiles.
First of all, molybdenum is an essential element to withstand the high air temperature surrounding AIM-9 Sidewinders. It is used for structure because of its high melting point. A high melting point is the property of being able to withstand heat without melting. This is caused by strong intermolecular forces. What this does is require high levels of energy to break the bonds. This means an element can be exposed to high heat while still remaining a solid (Shimizu, n.d., para. 2). Molybdenum has a high melting point. Molybdenum’s melting poi...

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...llow it to be used in many different kinds of products. These products turn into the missiles we know today. Missiles are important to us because they give different countries advantages and disadvantages based on what kind of technology their missiles have. This has drastically impacted war in our world. One advancement that would decrease the need for molybdenum would be solid-propellant. A solid propellant would reduce the need for molybdenum in the nozzles. There would no longer be liquid oxygen needing storage in a container that does not oxidize. Molybdenum could still be used, but it would’t be needed so other resources could be used. This paper did not cover things such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles. This would include different characteristics that would make them useful in water. These missiles are also used widely and are affected by molybdenum.

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