What Did I Learn? Essay

What Did I Learn? Essay

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What did I learn?
Even though I work in a school district where we are expected to watch videos on bullying annually, this series was eye opening to the real problem of bullying. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development three out of ten children are a bully, victim, or both. Another statistic from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reveals that 3.2 million youth are bullied and 3.7 million youth are the bullies. These statistics are staggering. The characteristics of bullying is repeated aggressive behavior that is carried out over time with the intent of inflicting verbal, nonverbal, or physical harm to another individual. Normal peer conflict happens infrequently between two equal participants. Most of the time these individuals feel remorse after an altercation, but a true bully will have no remorse for the suffering he/she has caused the victim.
Another important fact I found quite interest is that bullying is not prominent in one social group or geographical location. As the video states, “it is an equal opportunity problem”. It happens just as frequent in urban locations as it does in suburban or rural locations. Bullying is an issue at all grade levels and in every community. Interestingly, there are different characteristics of the way boys bully versus girls. Boys tend to bully directly through teasing, verbal criticism, stare downs, taking belongings, and threatening. Girls, on the other hand, will use indirect tactics to bully. These include spreading rumors, anonymous threats, exclusion from social groups, and other hurtful deeds. Another big problem and very destructive tool used by bullies is through cyberbullying. This can be very harmful because of the ...

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...g a bystander is just as bad as being a bully. My students will understand they must report intimidating behavior, let the bully know their behavior is not cool, be a friend, and that no matter who you are anyone can become a victim of bullying.
With the severity of problems related to bullying across our country, we must educate our communities of how to address and prevent this devastating dilemma. Through bully prevention programs and educational training for educators, students, and parents hopefully our school can become bully free zones. More importantly, I believe as parents we must begin the training at home. We must raise our kids to have respect for all human beings and be empathetic to those who need a helping hand. Parents must be good role models for their children in order to purge our communities and schools of this pernicious problem we call bullyi

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