What Defines Happiness? By Stephen Schueller And Acacia Parks Essay

What Defines Happiness? By Stephen Schueller And Acacia Parks Essay

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What defines happiness? In the words of positive psychologists Stephen Schueller and Acacia Parks, “happiness is characterized by positive subjective appraisals and feelings.” Martin Seligman, father of positive psychology, kickstarted an initiative that aimed to “increase global well-being.” Positive psychology alludes to the evolution of human flourishing, by using methods that enable individuals to thrive. It also concerns “self help” as a way to aide scientists and therapists in the study of psychology and happiness. People of all cultures have been continuously striving to reach such a state of contentment by utilizing techniques termed by positive psychology. Research has been done by numerous psychologists in order to unravel the truth; does it really make us happier, or is happiness biological and dependent on our environment - and thus mostly out of our control? These two antonymous viewpoints have led to multiple discoveries concerning whether or not positive psychology truly makes us happier.
In the YES article by Stephen Schueller and Acacia Parks, the authors state that happiness is measured by two key components. The first component is “a cognitive appraisal that one’s life is good”, and the second “reports of frequently experiencing positive emotions and infrequently experiencing negative emotions” are given. This can be achieved by guiding others to have a more positive outlook on life and experience more positive events.One factor mentioned in obtaining this happiness is defined by positive psychological interventions, or PPI’s, which are categorized into five different areas: “savoring experiences and sensations, cultivating gratitude, engaging in kind acts, promoting positive relationship process...

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...wn natural pathway and is impossible to control.
The question is - does positive psychology make us happier like Stephen Schueller and Acacia Parks said? Or according to Laurel Newman and Randy Larsen is it environmental, based on our genetics, and non manipulatable? The answer is yes, to both. In some ways techniques born from positive psychology help increase our happiness and change our behavior in a more positive fashion, and other times we are affected by the events that happen in our lives and our genetic makeup, which we can only be a bystander to - or we can choose to make the situation our own and find happiness within it. Happiness is merely “characterized by positive subjective appraisals and feelings”, and with positive psychology and utilizing environmental and biological elements to our advantage and overcoming them, anyone can be happy.

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