What Darwin Never Knew By Charles Darwin Essay

What Darwin Never Knew By Charles Darwin Essay

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The video, “What Darwin Never Knew”, is a stunning time line that details the theory of evolution formed by Charles Darwin, and the recent advancements made that answers some of the questions he simply could not. Darwin 's theory explained why today there are 9,000 kinds of birds, 350,000 kinds of beetles, 28,000 kinds of fish, and at least 2 million kinds of living species and counting. Darwin figured out that all species are connected, and he also realized that species evolved and adapted, but he did not know how.
Darwin made a five year voyage on The HMS Beagle that would change his life, and all life as a matter of fact, forever. The observations that he made in the Galapagos Islands would be the basis for his theory. The Galapagos Islands are an island chain made up of thirteen different islands. He could tell which island a tortoise came from just by looking at their shell shape, shell color, or by looking at the bottom of the shells. Studying the tortoise was the beginning of his understanding. He thought he collected many types of birds because they looked so different. He soon realized that all of the birds were all variations of the finch. They varied from island to island just as the tortoise did. The birds began as one type of finch, but somehow over time they had transformed into different species of the finch. He began to see that species change over time, and that the reason we have so many species is because one species evolved into many other species.
Darwin began to study embryos. He realized that snake embryos had bumps where there should be legs. Which mean they probably evolved from a creature with legs. He noticed that whale embryos had teeth, but adult whales did not have teeth. The most sh...

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...genes. Nearly half of these switches involve the brain. The cortex, vital for language, mathematics, and music, has a huge mutation that allows difference in human and apes.
Darwin would be amazed to see how much progress has been made because of his theory of evolution. I can only imagine what he could have accomplished if he lived in today 's society. In his time and most of ours as well, we humans believed that we were vastly different from any other species. The human genome project shocked most people when they discovered that the human genome total is about 23,000 about the same as a chicken. This is far less than many plants. Darwin realized that evolution is a process of natural selection which allows species to change and eventually begat other species, but it would he would have been shocked to see that human and ape DNA differ by just 18 letters.

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