What Causes Wage Inequality for Black women Essay

What Causes Wage Inequality for Black women Essay

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My general research question will focus on what causes wage inequality for Black women. My specific research question will examine, if discrimination causes wage disparities between Black women and everyone else. According to various researchers, some of the perceived factors that may affect wages for Black women are race & gender discrimination, human capital, labor markets (occupation/industry), and/or education. I will be looking at all of these factors, drawing out the main points, and decide which factors are the most critical when it comes to determining wages, and/or promotions (occupational advancement) for Black women. I believe my research question is important because it shows how racism and/or sexism are still a big social problem and has become more institutionalized, which is making it harder to remedy this problem.

Various professionals have been studied social problems such as race & gender discrimination, wage inequality, and Black women’s experiences in the labor market, and the results they found are mixed. Some researchers argue that the underlying cause of wage inequality is based on differences in individual preferences and skills (human capital), and difference in labor market position (occupation, industry, etc.) (Kim, 2002; McCall, 2001; Woody, 1992). Other researchers have found that the wage inequality is caused by race and gender discrimination “double/multiple jeopardy” (Evans & Herr, 1991; Sokoloff, 1992). Then there are researchers who are right in the middle, who argue that discrimination is a part of the cause of wage inequality but it is not necessarily the main factor (Browne & Misra, 2003). All the researchers seem to (generally) agree that Black women are affected by race and gender discr...

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