What Causes the Algae called Pseudo-nitzschialgal to Blooms and How We Can Prevent Them?

What Causes the Algae called Pseudo-nitzschialgal to Blooms and How We Can Prevent Them?

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Algal Blooms and Their Effects
Over the past years, due to warming waters, a toxic kind of algae called Pseudo-nitzschia has been blooming. This toxic algae affects sea life, especially marine mammals such as sea lions, which die of brain disease after feeding on this algae. This research paper will provide the reader with a conclusion in respect to what causes algal blooms and how we can prevent them.
Pseudo-nitzschia is a type of algae that produces a very strong neurotoxin called Domoic Acid, which can accumulate in many types of marine animals causing either death or severe illness. Humans that consume the infected animals can be affected as well, and as a result risk getting Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning, which is an illness that can cause permanent short-term memory loss, severe brain damage, or even death in some cases.
There are 12 species of Pseudo-nitzschia that produce domoic acids, which are located all over the world. Pseudo-nitzschia can grow in almost any surroundings. Since it’s able to withstand salinity levels as low as 6 and as high as 48 along with its ability to survive under temperature as low as 5 and as high as 30 degrees Celsius.
This toxic algae has been proliferating extremely rapidly over the past years. One of the reasons of this is warming waters. Warming waters is a phenomenon that has been increasing significantly over the past 20 years. The main reason that this is happening is because of global warming: Since planet Earth gets warmer, its oceans get warmer too.
As certain types of pollution damages our atmosphere, our natural protection from the sun weakens and as a result the Earth gets warmer with time, impacting the temperature of our seas. The unfortunate results of global warming and the co...

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...the algal blooms.
In conclusion, the cause of these algal blooms is the waters that are getting warmer and the excess of nutrients in the water. It can be prevented by creating laws or by doing modifications to the animals’ habitat.
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