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What Causes Hearing Impairment Essay

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Hearing impairment results in a considerable degree of impact in education, occupation and other aspects in life. Because of lacking normal hearing as an important way to absorb information from the outside world, communication usually become frustrated for hearing-impaired students when interact with their peer. They showed lower self-awareness, self-management, frustration tolerance and impulsivity in their characteristics. Therefore, it is common to see emotional and social behavior difficulties in hearing-impaired individuals. As a speech and language pathologist, who is going to work with hearing-impaired students in language and communication aspect and likely to be the only go to person in the school, it is important for us to know the cause of the difficulties they are facing and how to help them in the communication aspect to pursue a better quality of life.
From Deluzio’s study “Peer Interactions of Preschool Children With and Without Hearing Loss”, she analyzed transcriptions of all initiations, responses, and resulting interactions in 20 minutes group play of audio recording from 24 children with and without hearing loss. The key finding in this study indicates that there was no significant difference between the children with typical hearing and the children with severe and profound hearing loss (SPHL) in frequency of initiations, the ability to respond to the initiations of others and the ability to maintain interactions with their peers. However, the playmates initiated interactions with the children with typical hearing were twice more than they initiated with the children with SPHL. And the children with typical hearing received more responses to their initiations than the children with SPHL. She posted ...

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... picture in our therapy plan, to integrate these components to our therapy sessions to facilitate the students’ SD development.
To sum up, SLPs play an important role in establishing a good social behavior in children with hearing impairment. In hearing-impaired individuals’ aspect, we help them to improve their intelligibility of speech and increase their vocabulary knowledge and the sustained attention. In social interaction aspect, they are taught to promote their peer interaction skills. SLPs may also educate the typically developing children of hearing impairment to avoid difficulties on interpersonal communication that caused from lack of understanding. Lastly, giving repeated opportunities, appropriate support and explicitly teaching during daily routine to children with hearing impairment are essential for developing Self-Determination skills.

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