Essay on What Can the World Learn from Tanzania?

Essay on What Can the World Learn from Tanzania?

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Tanzania is one of the most remote countries in the world; Located on the western coast of Africa, Tanzania has virtually no organized military (reservists are comprised of farmers and militia types) and lives a very poor lifestyle, but they may be the exact model of what is required for coexisting in peace.
1. Tanzania
a. Unity Through Subdivisions
b. Military Outlook
c. Overall Intent

2. Government
a. Overall government
b. Separate tribes
c. Social Issues
i. Theft
ii. Punishments

3. Economy
a. Value / Commercial Activities
b. Poverty
c. Currency and Trade
d. Agriculture

4. Culture, Customs and Courtesies
a. Languages vs. Regions
b. Acceptable Behaviors
i. Men and Women
5. Geography
a. Regions
i. Highlands
ii. Mountains
iii. Great Rift

6. Exports
a. Contributions to the World Market
b. Carvings and Dhows ‘mtepe’

7. Conclusion

Tanzania is one of the most remote countries in the world; Located on the western coast of Africa, Tanzania has virtually no organized military (reservists are comprised of farmers and militia types) and lives a very poor lifestyle, but they may be the exact model of what is required for coexisting in peace. Tanzania’s name came from a British civil servant in 1920. The name came from the Swahili words of tanga (sail) and nyika (bright and plain). What had been previously known as German East Africa became known as the Tanganyika Territory. Then, in 1964, Tanganyika territory was paired with Zanzibar, an archipelago of offshore islands, to form the presently known United Republic of Tanzania. In Tanzania, there is an overwhelming sense of national pride and cohesion, even though the only things really binding them are locale and a national unders...

... middle of paper ...

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