What Can Regular Fitness Do For You? Essay

What Can Regular Fitness Do For You? Essay

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Medical experts vindicate that following a regular fitness program is one of the most important things people can do to improve their health and prevent disease. Exercising makes the heart stronger and develop into a more efficient muscle. What else can regular fitness do for you?

Improves Mental Focus
Exercise improves your mental focus. Experts say that regular exercise helps keep your brain sharp by improving your focus and concentration. Studies show exercising decreases the chance of Alzheimer's disease. Even low impact exercises can help with boosting your mood. Studies show exercise gives you an uplifting and heightened feeling. This is the reason you are not advised to exercise before bed.

Reduce Your Chances of Having a Heart Attack
Low impact activity can help your body by improving your good cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure. Exercise reduces your chance for heart problems or a stroke. When you exercise, you are delivering oxygen and nutrients into your tissue. This improves the functions of your cardiovascular system resulting in more energy and a healt...

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