Essay on What Bill Cosby Taught Me About Sexual Violence And Flying

Essay on What Bill Cosby Taught Me About Sexual Violence And Flying

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In the article, “What Bill Cosby Taught Me about Sexual Violence and Flying”, Kiese Laymon’s main pitch is that racial issue and sexual violence are intermingled issues that are still current in our nation today. The way the author styled this article makes it very unique, but also encourages the reader to want to read this piece all the way to the ending. The way that this essay is styled is a personal narrative. This article responds to sexual violence and racism in our nation and makes his issue known that it is a part of everyday society and there can be harmful repercussions such as alcoholism and suicidal thoughts.
The introduction to this article begins with a personal narrative about his own experiences as an African American teenage boy, attending a party that his friend, Donnie, was hosting. Laymon begins to set the tone of this article in the very first paragraph when he brings up The Cosby Show and sexual violence along with stating a young females race that attended his friends party who decided to open up to him, the writer, about her being a victim in a sexual violent situation and then the writer informs the reader of how he too was a victim, but does not open up to the young girl at this party. Another example that allows you to understand the main pitch of this article is, the constant examples from The Cosby Show. Many people are aware of the crimes that Bill Cosby has been accused of, sexual abuse charges with women and girls who had been on his shows. Kiese Laymon makes it known that many African American females are being victimized along with African American males and this racial unjust sexual violence needs to end.
There are two specific sentences that completely supports the argument that is given in th...

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.... Sexual violence is not something that people can simply just brush off because it is not only happen to adults, but to young children as well. The only way to resolve this issue is to bring attention to it and allow victims and people who witness these actions to step up and take action to help stop as much violence as possible. Also by educating our adolescence and even adults about these issues can help them understand how serious these specific issues are. Kiese Laymon gives emotional examples as to how nobody can just know that a person is a sexual predator based off of their race. Nobody can for sure know who is a predator and who is not, it could be any white man, any black man, or even any woman. Laymon realizes that there are huge issues with race and sexual violence and something needs to be done to help resolve and help make people aware of such violence.

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