What Are The Three Types Of Motivation ( Intrinsic, Internal, External, And External

What Are The Three Types Of Motivation ( Intrinsic, Internal, External, And External

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1. Discuss the three types of motivation (intrinsic, internal, external).
An intrinsic motivation is characterized as a motivation for the sack of doing it. There is no external reward for completing the specific task in intrinsic motivation. The motivation come from the person 's desire to complete the task because they know the task itself is rewarding enough. An internal motivation differs slightly from intrinsic motivation. Internal motivation is strictly from the desire and willingness of the person to complete the task. External motivation is a motivation factored by outside influences. Whether the outside influence is negative or positive, the motivation comes from money, grades, awards, tokens, criticism, or punishments.

2. Discuss why negative reinforcement should never be used alone.
Negative reinforcement should not be alone because doing so can increase the likelihood of the behavior. Negative reinforcement is not necessarily giving into the child 's wants, but it is removing the child from an unwanted condition. Just removing the child from, say time-out, does not work fully until a punishment or extinction occurs. Putting the child in time-out and taking a point away is a good form of the two.

3. “Competition is motivational.” Argue the pros and cons of this statement.

1. Some enjoy the challenge and risk, which increases motivation
2. Children are exposed to competition all the time
3. Most find group competitions exciting and fun
4. Group competitions is less risky than individual
5. Teaches acceptance, diversity, inclusion, sharing, productivity
6. Increase belongingness and self-esteem
1. Lowers motivation for anxious or low level expectancy children
2. Community destroyer
3. Rewards, puni...

... middle of paper ...

...quential curriculum.”
Children should and can have a good time in music class. As the teacher, you must pick activities and discussions, which are fun but still educational. Following a sequential curriculum provides you with an agenda for each class as well as guides the children through a structured and planned framework, increasing their chance of learning something. As for the time, you have to make the time worth while and plan effectively even if you are only seeing them once a week.

5. Critique the following statement. “Good lesson planning is a formula, and once you learn that formula, you are set for success.”
Yes, there is a “formula” to lesson writing and it can work time and time again. Beware, however, not to be set on the formula,. Mix it up and make sure you are sticking to the children 's needs and provide an effective and well thought out lesson.

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