What Are The Three Purposes For Which People Communicate? What Percentage Of A Manager 's Time Is Spent

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Review Questions #2 1. What are the three purposes for which people communicate? What percentage of a manager’s time is spent communicating? Give examples of the types of communication managers use. People communicate for three purposes which are: to inform, persuade and entertain. Most managers use 60-80% of their time communicating in many ways which include: be present in meetings, listen and contribute in decision making and problem solve; compose various types of memos to inform and influence others about your viewpoints along with the services and products offered by one’s organization; presents information and influencing messages to large and small groups either face to face or virtual setting; explains and clarifies tasks and procedures from management; coordinates the working employees, departments and various supplemental groups; counsel and assess employees; promotes products/services and image of the organization using a variety of networks. 2. How is the formal flow of communication different from the informal flow of communication? The formal flow follows the formal organization chart and is dictated by the managerial, technical, political, and structural environment of the organization. The informal flow, which is sometimes referred to as “the grapevine”, always develops as people relate within the formal system to assist with their social and psychological needs. 3. What is the difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication? The difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication is that intrapersonal is the communication with an individual, while interpersonal communication occurs between two or more people 4. What are some common causes of unethical be... ... middle of paper ... ...es are more apt to changes and are happier. Public communication exists in all area and places. It ranges from speaking in public, newspapers, books, advertisements, and social media. This type of communication is in everyone’s daily life whether one realizes it or not. This type of communication has an effect on my life every day. I read newspapers, flyers, watch tv advertisements and I use social media. This communication will be used for the rest of my life both personally and professionally. It keeps us informed to help make sound decisions about things in our life from what to eat to what is going on in other countries. All types of communication will be used now and in the future as it has been done in the past. There may be changes on how and when each type is used, but it will still have the same purpose; communicate appropriately and effectively.

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