What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader?

What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader?

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What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader?
E-reading has its roots way back in the 1930's. Bob Brown was the first to materialize the idea of e-reading. His first work The Readies were first produced after watching his first "talkie" movie ("Bob Brown's The Reader (1930), Retrieved May 20, 2014.) But it wasn't until the late 1940's the idea of an e-reader was conceived. Several people have claimed the title for developing the first e-reader. Years later, in the early 1970's, was the release of the first implementations of e-books.
Different schools and universities have already adopted the new way using the power of innovations such as the e-book. Early researches prove that the e-book has mixed reviews (Miranda, Williams-Rossi, Johnson, & McKenzie, 2011). It proved that there were still limitations to electronic reading and they resorted back to hard copies. It is, however contradicted by other researches saying that personal engagement with the device improves the performance of an e-reader as demonstrated by Rosenblatt’s transactional theory of reader response (Miranda, Williams-Rossi, Johnson, & McKenzie, 2011). Behind those advancement in technology, it indeed has some effects on the users.
E-reading has its effects on the e-reader in some aspects. This includes on the mentality, health and attentiveness of the reader. Researchers have a study on the different effects of the e-books on the e-readers. This may affect the physical and psychological understanding of the e-reader.
E-Reading Can Affect the Reader’s Eye Sight
We cannot deny the fact that e-reading is very accessible to readers. It will give them an easier access which will practically lead to giving much more time for ...

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