What Are The Philosophical Underpinnings Of The Research Method? Essay examples

What Are The Philosophical Underpinnings Of The Research Method? Essay examples

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1. What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader?

The abstract of the study immediately provides the reader an understanding of the phenomenon of interest, which is preserving upper limb function for spinal cord injury patients who retain their upper limb function, but have lost their lower limb function.
2. What is the justification for using a qualitative method?

This descriptive study is critical in identifying stakeholder agreement with clinical practice guidelines for spinal cord injury patients, as well as barriers and gaps in implementing the evidence-based guidelines. The authors of the study purposely include spinal cord injury patients, health care providers, and key informants to give the reader an understanding of each group’s perspective.
3. What are the philosophical underpinnings of the research method?

Qualitative research attempts to explain a phenomenon by collecting and analyzing information, through the eyes of the stakeholders regarding the phenomenon, to provide consumers of research a better understanding of their experiences. The Veterans Health Administration subjects from Powell-Cope and her colleagues study include patients, as well as caregivers and key informants to explore the experiences of each population.

4. What is the purpose of the study?

The study reveals that shoulder overuse is a frequent occurrence in this patient population, often resulting in pain, injury, and decreased function of the upper extremities. The primary purpose of this research is to understand the barriers and facilitators of evidence-based guidelines to prevent upper limb injury, as well as treat injuries early when they occur, to ensure patients maintain independence and improve their q...

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...well-Cope and her colleagues recognize issues within the Veterans Health Administration system that affects this patient population but, if addressed could improve outcomes. The researchers also recommend interdisciplinary teamwork to coordinate services for this population and facilitate implementation of the clinical practice guidelines.
16. Do the recommendations reflect the findings?

The recommendations do reflect the results of the study by considering the patient’s views and the health worker’s views in relationship to the evidence and practicality of the guidelines.
17. How has the researcher made explicit the significance of the study to nursing theory, research, or practice?

The researchers discuss evidence base that includes few randomized clinical trials must also incorporate expert knowledge and patient preference to guide clinical practice decisions.

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