Essay on What Are The Many Benefits An Individual Can Receive From Exercise?

Essay on What Are The Many Benefits An Individual Can Receive From Exercise?

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What Are the Many Benefits An Individual Can Receive From Exercise?

Exercise can benefit an individual in many ways. Through research I have found several articles which have been written throughout the years that address these benefits. Some of these benefits are to prevent diseases, to improve stamina, to strengthen and tone, to enhance flexibility, to control weight, and to improve quality of life. All of these benefits will be address throughout this paper. However, even though exercise does benefits an individual, it does also depends on their circumstances. For example, exercise can be done to help with a pregnancy and after a pregnancy, to control diabetes, and to help the brain function for achievement in school.

Preventing Diseases
Exercise helps with preventing diseases. Everyone’s body yearns for exercise on a daily basis, which is why our bodies must move in order to stay physically fit and in good health. According to the article, Why is Exercise Important?, it states exercise “reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, depression, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases. At the same time, it can improve individual’s appearance and delay the aging process.”

Improves Stamina
An individual’s body must use energy to able to keep moving on a daily basis. Have you ever heard the old saying? “ Use it or lose it. ” Without movement our body turns to smush. Exercise helps trains an individual’s body to become more efficient like a fine tune car and develop the ability to use less energy to do the same amount of work. We live in a fast pace world where everyone wants to do things in a short amount of time. No one really wants to struggle in life to complete an activity or task. Individ...

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...pregnant, have diabetes, or to achieve maximum brain function in school. As a result, exercise is extremely important in our everyday life.


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