What Are The Key Types Of Innovation? Essay

What Are The Key Types Of Innovation? Essay

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What are the key types of innovation? What types of innovation did Geox create?
Geox’s rubber sole technology was developed after Mario Moretti, who suffered from hot and sweaty feet, took a pocketknife and stabbed the underside of his shoe. By doing so, his shoes were able to breathe and relieved the sticky feeling of perspiration. It was from this experience that Geox’s CEO began to innovate and develop the technology to address this common problem with no available solution. The first innovation that Geox created is the breathable rubber sole. The breathable rubber sole is a rubber sole that is perforated and contains a special microporous membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. The second innovation that Geox created is the breathable leather sole. The breathable leather sole is a membrane that is fitted onto the sole, which allows the feet to breathe by filtering perspiration out and repealing both water and humidity from entering the shoe. The third innovation that Geox created was breathable apparel technology. The breathable apparel technology allows damp air caused by perspiration to flow upwards towards a special cavity that expels it through holes near the shoulders. The fourth innovation that Geox created pertains to the processes, equipment, machinery, and materials that manufacture Geox’s products. During the manufacturing of Geox’s products, Geox developed specialized processes, equipment, machinery, and materials to enable it to produce top quality products that live up to its well established the brand name. These specializations have caused competitors difficulty because it is very difficult due to the fact that Geox made sure to patent these innovations as well.

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... the fact that it is a one-stop-shop for families and the fact that its brand is so recognizable.
The only suggestion that I can think of that would ensure Geox’s long-term success is for it to incorporate both induced and autonomous strategic behavior as to develop innovations. I find it odd that Geox’s CEO does not incorporate other product champions interests into his organization when he himself was one when he initially developed the breathable shoe technology. By incorporating both of these strategic behaviors, I believe that Geox will be better off because they not only will create incremental innovations, but also radical innovations such as new product designs or new types of shoes for niche markets, which were what launched Geox to recognition in the first place. And as a consequence get out of the stagnation that has plagued Geox since the end of 2009.

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