What Are Some Ways That Teachers Can Engage Students On The Trade Books They Read?

What Are Some Ways That Teachers Can Engage Students On The Trade Books They Read?

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4. What are some ways that teachers can engage students in responding to the trade books they read? According to Vacca, Vacca, and Mraz (2014) students can use RAFT and write essays based on a character’s point of view. Also, students can develop a Facebook page about a topic, write a news article, or discuss connections made with the story, other text and the world (p.372-374). Furthermore, students can discuss how trade books relate to content area being discussed and form book discussion groups to converse about the book (Fang, 2013, and p. 275). These discussion groups are similar to my literature circles. Students can read text in groups and split various roles amongst each other including word wizard, connector, summarizer and historian. Students, who are historians, can discuss other breakthroughs or discoveries that were found that are similar to the topic or found at the same time (Fang, 2013, and p. 275). Students become really engaged with activities like this. After students complete their discussions in their groups, I have my students place the information on paper a...

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