Essay on What Are Some Types Of Things You Thought Went Well?

Essay on What Are Some Types Of Things You Thought Went Well?

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In our post-conference, I began by asking questions designed to allow Mrs. Andruska to self-assess her teaching, and to foster a conversation that would make her feel like a partner in the evaluation process. These questions included:

1. How did you feel things went during the lesson?
2. What are some examples of things you thought went well?
3. If you had to teach this lesson again, what would you do differently?
4. What were some parts of the lesson that you would want to improve? Do you have ideas on how you could improve upon things?

Mrs. Andruska provided me with a very thorough self-assessment regarding the lesson when she answered these questions. She was proud that the new instructional modifications she incorporated into her lesson successfully allowed all children to participate in the activities, and therefore demonstrate their understanding of the concepts being taught. She also thought that her way of offering children choices as to how they would like to answer questions (i.e. clap, stomp, or use popsicle sticks) fostered an environment of inclusion where students were not embarrassed if they did not have to ability to speak or clap. When asked what she would do differently, Mrs. Andruska stated that she realized that she had some difficulty keeping the entire class focused when working with one of the students that struggled, and therefore took longer to answer questions.

After listening to Mrs. Andruska’s self-assessment, and conversing with her about her strengths and weaknesses throughout the lesson, I shared my recorded data with her. We discussed how my notes also indicated that her modifications were successful in allowing all students to participate and demonstrate learning. I also shared ...

... middle of paper ...

...ed in the activities through performance.

After our conversation, we collaboratively developed an action plan to assist Mrs. Andruska with improving her instruction in the areas discussed.

The action plan focused on 2 main areas of improvement:

Engaging all students in activities even when the teacher was working with one student a time.

Incorporating higher-level musical concepts, such as composition and improvisation, into her future lessons about rhythms.

*See attached action plan for Karen Andruska

Mrs. Andruska clearly stated that she believe her teaching improved throughout the evaluation process. She felt comfortable, and enjoyed working collaboratively to set goals for her lesson. The modifications she incorporated into her teaching were successful in many ways, and gave her confidence to want to move forward with her own professional development.

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