What Are Some Of The Things We Learned After Reading The Lesson With Tap Into Prior Knowledge And Develop

What Are Some Of The Things We Learned After Reading The Lesson With Tap Into Prior Knowledge And Develop

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• What is the ‘hook’ for the lesson to tap into prior knowledge and develop students’ interests? This should tie directly into the lesson’s objective and standard and should promote higher-level thinking.
• How will you introduce the content specific vocabulary words?
-To begin this lesson I will review what was taught in the previous day’s lesson by asking similar questions to check for understanding. I will ask, “What are some things you do when you read a book? Do you only look at the pictures? Do you only look at the words? If you can’t read the words, what do the pictures tell us? Do all of our questions always get answered after reading the text? What are some of the things we learned after reading the text?”
“Who can tell me what this chart is called that we have been working with? Why did we use that chart?”
• “Lets review what each letter stands for on the KWL chart. Now we are going to watch the 5 W’s video, it reminds us of the good question words and what they mean.” Once the video is over I will ask the students to raise their hand and tell me the W’s mentioned in the video.
• What will you have the students do after you introduce the lesson to learn the standards?
- Once we have reviewed our question words, the KWL chart, and watched the YouTube video we will transition into small groups to work and supply more guidance and support for our students. In our small groups we will have 1-2 non-fictional text on the table, with 1 5W’s handout for the teacher at the table. The teacher will introduce the texts to the students. If there is more than one text the group will vote on which book they would like to learn more about. Once the book is picked the teacher will read the title and show the front and back cover...

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...k the students what the 5 W question words are, and what they chart was called that he we worked on in the previous lessons. I will then have 2 or 3 students (depending on how many iPads we are able to use) from my group (Group A) to begin creating their video on Chatterpix. This process should be rather quick, I will guide and instruct each student what to do on the app. The student will begin by taking a picture of themselves, using the mouth feature on the app which will make their mouth in the picture move, record 2 – 3 of their questions created, and then play around with the filters and stickers on the app for a few minutes. The other students in my group will be directed to get books to look at and practice their new skills until we were done and it was their turn. If time permits, I would love for the student to be able to share their video with them class.

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