What Are Some Good Colleges? Essay

What Are Some Good Colleges? Essay

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It 's the year before graduation and you still don 't have a college to go to! So you go to google and type in what are some good colleges in United States? Google would give you a lot of options, than you start thinking of a college that would make your faith grow so you would be more specific and write... What are some good catholic colleges? And you will get many of them especially in you are in the 21st century. You start to see which one is seems interesting to you and finally congratulation! You found the college that you like. So let me ask you this: have you ever wondered why there are so many catholic schools and colleges in United States? Or even why does catholic education exist? Or why so many people get educated in catholic school even if they are not catholic? To answer all of these questions you have to learn about the Catholic Education History. But keep in mind that there are four reasons for the existing of the Catholic Education and they are to make people holy, to be scholars, to have human dignity, and to live in a community.
So Let us start talking about how and when Catholic Education stared. First of all before you get confuse or say why she did not mentioned Dominican. There are two types of Catholics Franciscans and Dominicans I will be talking about the catholic education in general so I will sometimes mention these two types or either one. Catholic Education goes back to 1606; however that year is not considered as the starting day of the Catholic Education. During that year people were interested to teach their children the basics of Christian doctrine, along with some Basic English which is reading and writing. At that time the Franciscans opened a school in Florida which is now called St. Aug...

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...ir as they are seeing and treating Christ, because we are made on the image and likeness of God. For a parents you want your child to get the best education and the best care so that’s and catholic school exist to give the best education and to make the students believe in Christ so they help the student not only in this life but they also prepare them for the next life. When students graduate from catholic schools, colleges, or universities they have a better understanding of life and a better believing in their faith. Pope Francis say: “The education of children and young people is such an important task in forming them as free and responsible human beings….And because education truly forms human beings, it is especially the duty and responsibility of the Church, who is called to serve mankind from the heart of God and in such a way that no other institution can.”

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