What Are Social Networks?

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This assignment is going to provide a description of what Online Social Networks are, my motivation to be on numerous different social networks, the kinds of different data that I display on them for the world to see, the ethical issues related to my digital footprint, and also the security issues that are related to it too. A social network is a network of friends, colleagues and other personal contacts, it’s an online community of people with common interests who use websites or other varieties of technology to communicate with each other and share information, whether it be personal to one person, or it be onto a feed for everyone to see. There are many different motives for joining Social networking sites/pages, First of all, these sites make it possible to interact with the people next door, or across the world, with one click. This allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family that may live far away. Who ever you may need, whenever you may need them, you are able to reach them via social networking. These sites are very beneficial in keeping the user in touch with virtually the entire world. With the ability to upload photos and videos, plan events, join groups, promote business and even promote yourself, as a person to be attractive for jobs, what other means of social activity would be needed? These reasons explain how if used correctly, social networking can be very beneficial. They also show how it easy is to get in trouble over the Internet. Overall, I feel social networking sites are a good way to keep connected with friends, family and also with work. Some examples of data that I have provided over the Internet, is my age, date of birth, address, telephone number, where I’m going on holiday, when I’m ... ... middle of paper ... ...et, users often upload information such as birthdays, passwords and banking details we create a record about our interests. When we use websites requiring logins, such as shopping sites, we often add data about ourselves. Whenever we sign up to these sites we are agreeing to share a certain amount of personal data with them. Information like this can be valuable to companies, for example advertising companies spend a lot of money finding better ways to target adverts at the right users. Being able to see information such as your gender, date of birth and buying habits can be very useful for marketing purposes. The measures that can be put into place to enable me to defend myself online is simply by enforcing security settings only allowing my friends to view what I post online and also, being careful of what I post online even if it is just my friends that can see.
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