Essay on What Are Social And Emotional Intelligence?

Essay on What Are Social And Emotional Intelligence?

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Part A: What are social and emotional intelligence? (119 words)
Emotional intelligence has a large amount of number, which in common with social intelligence. Both of them are relevant with perception and understanding of other’s emotion, oneself and act cleverly way in interpersonal relationships. They are mood driver, a neurological and biological state of mind which are the significant key for human relationship, furthermore they are overlapping, interdependent and multidimensional. Additionally, found that most successful people seem to behave wiser in socially and emotionally, for instance, in the workplace and close relationships (Kang,Day, & Meara, 2005). However, each of them contains and focuses on different elements. According to Goleman (2007) states that, social intelligence focuses on emphasizes between people’s relationship, while emotional intelligence concentrate on individual emotions and consciousness (Goleman, 2007).
Social intelligence (206 words)
Social intelligence is the capability to get along well or deal with other people, further to make them to collaborate with, which occasionally can classify as human’s skills. As stated by Goleman (2007) social intelligence indicates into two key elements: social awareness and social facility. Firstly, social awareness: instantaneously sensing other’s internal state with emphatic accuracy, including making decisions and act wisely about behaviors influence to relationships. Empathy necessitates the capacity to precisely comprehend other people with nonjudgmental and engaging with thoughtful. Next, social facility, which constructs on social awareness to authorize the effective interactions that including self-presentation, concern, influence and synchrony. In fact, Ph...

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...le’s performance, (Crocker, Luhtanen, Cooper, & Bourette, 2003), advising that a person who has high self-esteem: positive of self concept, could perform in school or a workplace better than someone with lower self-confidence.
For instance, the employees with high self-worth tend to maintaining their confidence, and believe that they can do better in the workplace. On the other hand, those who have low self-esteem are more likely to feel less in control and perform poorly. In fact, high self-esteem impact on psychological, that lead to the way people act and perform. Besides, to obtain a gold from employee, matching their individual attitudes, wishes on work performance’s ability can positively affect employees’ self esteem which mean that they tend to improve themselves. Moreover, it is influencing to intra-organisational relationship and behaviour (Akgunduz, 2015).

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