What Are Scientific Prayer? Essay

What Are Scientific Prayer? Essay

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64. What is ‘SCIENTIFIC PRAYER’, How to Distinguish It from ‘Infantile’ USELESS PRAYER?
• Within complex process of healthy ‘upbringing’ in interaction with parallel parenthood development, and in a child intercourse with its mom or parents many desires pop up which parents must not and cannot satisfy from variety of reasons. In similar fashion, in terrestrial man 's consciousness may appear many "prayers" or desires which Providence, by all means, cannot and won’t grant. No doubt, there is great deal of experience in the ‘school of life’ needed in order to distinguish between false and true or natural desires. Only natural desires, and those may include prayers for vital necessities, might be and can be granted within specific Cosmic ‘Context’ in function of Individual Development, irrelevant of how much ‘adult child’ cries, screams, and whimpers or tries to persistently ‘protests’ from the ‘cradle’. ANY FAVORITISM IS EXCLUDED from The Concept of ‘Granted Prayer’.
• The Origin of ‘Cosmically Infantile’ “prayers” is in still Selfish, Undeveloped terrestrial man’s Consciousness. Such Primitive or unanswered ‘praying’ calls for ‘magic wand’ in realization of high personal gains such as lottery winning, wanting to go in bed with a ‘star’, expecting his sport club or national team to win all medals on all competitions, etc. This mentally inferior and basically unethical approach is also extremely detached of realities. In fact, in its ‘Cosmic Ignorance’ EXCLUDES anything of common good which create state of balance in the Universe. Some individual have wishes and prayers which not only do not express divine WILL, and are not vital for them, but are maliciously intended to do harm to their ‘neighbours’ perceived to be the ’enemies’. ...

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...gion manifested ‘old-fashioned’ way becomes the past.
• Materialism & Religion are just two sides of the same coin. Their declarations are assumptions and dogmas that are near or further from the Truth. Materialists have persistent instinctive curiosity and a need for knowledge of the unknown. They BELIEVE that through the exercise of reason, intelligence, and common sense a more satisfactory and key answers on ‘What is Truth?’ and ‘What I must Do to Be Happy?’ can be found. They are wrong and share “the flock 's view on religion or materialism…”(Quote from ‘Livets Bog’ Vol IV chapter #1526)
• Finally, for macro-cosmos is irrelevant and it is ‘uninfluenced’ by the fact whether one ‘microbe’ called terrestrial human being ‘believes’ or ‘disbelieves’. ‘Clusters of galaxies’ continue with its glorious manifestation of Life moving on its evolutionary spiral cycle path...

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