Essay about What Are Polycentric Concepts?

Essay about What Are Polycentric Concepts?

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Basic Managerial Paradigms. I never came across any of these managerial paradigms concepts during my four years of study and research within Longwood University’s School of Business. Since I found these paradigm concepts thought-provoking, I thought that either of the key terms ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric would be a great topic for this forum two essay. After doing research on all three key terms, I chose to write this essay on polycentric concepts and its correlation to urban regions. In final analysis, I will be writing this paper on Polycentric Urban Regions (PUR), which is a broader aspect of the key term polycentric.
Explanation of Key Term
Within chapter six of our textbook, the author addresses the polycentric concept from an intercultural perspective that stresses the idea that a polycentric culture is one that embraces other cultures opinions, ideals, and lifestyles (Satterlee, 2009). However, during my research of this key term from an intercultural perspective, I was unable to find a valid resourceful definition from a polycentric intercultural perspective that would be in correlation to our textbooks definition of this theory due to the complexity that surrounds the key term. Kloosterman and Musterd state, “Many conceptual interpretations of polycentricity co-exist. We will not offer anything like a ‘grand theory of polycentricity’; because of the inherent complexity, no such thing is possible” (Kloosterman and Mustered, 2001, pg. 624). Moreover, in correlation with the keys terms complexity, I have come to find that the term polycentric has adapted to a variety of parallel key terms that all seem to have the same internal rules and meaning. Among the different word variations of polycentric include,...

... middle of paper ... The case of Milwaukee. Economic Perspectives, 25(2), 15-27. Retrieved from
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