Essay on What Are People Willing? Buy What They Want?

Essay on What Are People Willing? Buy What They Want?

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To what extent are people willing to buy what they want over what they need, for the sake of feeding their addiction? Imagine this, a girl wakes up in the morning, brushes her teeth, dresses up, takes the car, drives through highway 75, and then reaches the destination that she has been dreaming of, North Park Mall. She roams the aisles of the mall; at first, it 's window-shopping. While looking at the beautiful window displays, she fidgets thriving for more, and more. The girl can’t control herself; her legs pull her to enter one of the luxurious stores, Gucci. While her eyes wonder at the exquisite shawls, the saleswoman interrupts her by showing her a purse, a ring, and then a dress. The girl leaves the store having spent around 5,000 dollars. She wakes up the next day, and does the same routine but with a different store. By the end of the month, the girl has spent five times the rent of her apartment, three times her gasoline bill, and ten times her grocery shopping costs. This routine is how a shopaholic functions every day. Therefore, people with lower self-esteem are more lik...

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