What Are Nonverbal Communication?

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This class has discussed the effects of having ineffective relationships. The value of a relationships should never be underestimated, and the work required to establish a deep relations far exceed the normal expectations. Loving well requires making most of all communication settings, and being concern with all parts of the communication process. One of the most valuable parts of the communication process, is learning and understanding nonverbal communication. This silent form of communication needs to be mastered by all people wanting to become a communicator or a leader in a ministry. Loving well is a principle established by being able to communicate and relate to people. Part of this is learning how to read the nonverbals of another person and how to properly make use of nonverbals in a message. This paper helps to define what nonverbal communication is, why they are so important ministry, the effects of being unaware of nonverbal communication and how nonverbals differ base on cultures. Verbal communication is probably the most identifiable means of communication, it is the way by which most people want to communicate a message. Words are strung together to deliver a message to those who ears listening and hopefully the crowd listens well enough to communicate a message. Like most things, words can be manipulated and is done to hide the truth. However, some forms of communication are more honest, less likely to manipulated. One such form of communication is nonverbal communication. By definition nonverbal communication is generated by the speaker and the environment which then communicates a potential message to the listener. The nonverbal message may not be intentional, meaning what is being communicated may not be unde... ... middle of paper ... ...on, but any good speaker would suggested video taping yourself to see where body language and posture can be improved. Secondly, it necessary to know the environment. Is it a small chapel or a large congregation? The larger the group the greater the need for larger body movements to convey a message. In smaller rooms it is suggested to use smaller body movements. This way nonverbals align with the environment, further gaining the attention of the audience. There are going to be certain times movement is extremely necessary to regain the attention of an audience. However there may be times to be still because it relates to the message. A pastor spends a lot of time in spotlight and therefore needs to make sure all nonverbals communicate the desired message. This is difficult, but with practice and awareness it becomes possible to master proper nonverbal communication.
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