What are Integrated Human Resource Management Policies? Essay

What are Integrated Human Resource Management Policies? Essay

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It has been rightly said by academicians and practitioners that an integrated HRM policies has a significant impact on employee satisfaction. According to Herzberg1(1959) Employees get motivated by two forces of need ; the higher level needs and the lower level needs. Some Employees want responsibility , recognition, status etc and some want pay, promotion , incentives, working condition etc. People are becoming now a days more conscious of their work , they are concerned about the products they produce , the quality work they do, their Personal and Professional life requirements and the place where they can survive or not .

Quality of work life focuses on organization culture and climate. It is basically related to the employees attitude and what are the expectations of employees from the organization. In the new millennium we see that there are immense challenges to employers and employees and their families. Perception of employees towards their job matters extensively for their performance.

Attempts to facilitate a view that how can Quality of Work-life be improved by involving Employees more into work where they are able to get more job satisfaction has been the major focus today. Job satisfaction has a significant relationship with the organizational outcomes. Herzberg (1959) in his theory of motivation has identified both the motivators and hygiene factors which motivates an employee to be attached to organization. The focus is more on the Motivators factor which is responsible for Improved Quality of Work-life. The concept will help Employers derive benefit in the form of Employee Satisfaction and thus make employees feel sense of ownership for the company ultimately leading to employee satisfaction. Quality of Work-l...

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... with a challenging, exciting and stimulating work environment.
c. Opportunity for development
d. Autonomous workgroups are also called self managed work teams, where in employees are headed with no superior and each employee is free to make decisions pertaining to his work.
e .Employees participation in management
f. Job security is what every employee wants from his organization.
One thing that has been common to all these approaches is the direct participation of employees in decision making which leads to increase in autonomy. It is not just the responsibility of HR department to implement policies pertaining to Quality of Work-life; top management support appears to be a prerequisite for successful quality of work life programs. Besides the tangible, the Quality of Work-life is a state of mind and the extent of quality differs from employee to employee.

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What are Integrated Human Resource Management Policies? Essay

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