What Are Dwight 's Alternatives And Ethics Involved Essay

What Are Dwight 's Alternatives And Ethics Involved Essay

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I. What are Dwight’s Alternatives and Ethics Involved
A. Whistle Blower
Utilizing this method of approach Dwight’s can use the corporate code of conduct policy to guide his decisions. It is typical to find guidelines on how business and behavior is conducted within the organization. The policies are designed to lay out the framework and establish clear boundaries on what is and is not acceptable creating a path for unethical behavior and disciplinary actions. Dwight will report the conduct and be impartial to the process, offering only the facts. There are several options in reporting unethical behavior, Dwight can report the tip anonymously and allow the investigation to unfold. The decision to use the infrastructure of reporting ethics violations to the company is the more black and white decision and allows Dwight to keep his distance from the matter and allow the events to unfold with a defined path laid out in the code of conduct guidelines.
B. Consult with Human Resources
Dwight can initiate a discussion with the human resources manager for Blunder Whifflin. They can discuss various approaches on how they can work together in saving Michael’s career with the company. Many companies have substance abuse assistance programs that work with individuals on challenging personal issues. If Michael agrees to enroll in such a program, he can work with the human resources, counseling group to develop clear expectations of where he needs to improve, and measureable goals that are mandates for continued employment. Proceeding with the involvement from human resources provides Dwight with more than one perspective on the matter and allows a group with specific training with these situations to become involved with the matter.

C. One on...

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...nest about it. Michael, his manager, and the human resources group can then develop a plan to help Michael with his alcohol and DWI problem. Michael may be mandated to join a therapy group, removed from a mentoring position, or released from service. Whatever action taken, it has proved that Dwight can stay within the organizational structure and work towards solutions on tough problems. The whistleblowing approach should be used when management has failed to act or covered up the problem, in this scenario there were no indications that management is negligent. Another acceptable approach would be to involve human resources right from the start; Michael’s manager may feel bypassed with this path and potentially upset with Dwight. The greatest harm to Dwight’s personal ethics will result if he helps in covering up the situation even if he is trying to assist Michael.

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