What Are Conflict And Functionalist Perspectives? Essay examples

What Are Conflict And Functionalist Perspectives? Essay examples

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What are conflict and functionalist perspectives? The conflict perspective is “the sociological approach that views groups in society as engaged in a continuous power struggle for control of scarce resources” (Kendall, 25). These conflicts can result in forms such as politics and negotiations. Most conflicts form with discussion of family financial situations, due to the lack of resources (Kendall, 25). The functionalist perspective is defined as, “perspectives are based on the assumption that society is a stable, orderly system (Kendall, 23). Which perspective is more important for the well being of humans? In the global world today, the majority of individuals are involved in the functionalist perspective, which can lead to continuous power struggle, also known as the conflict perspective. Humans are constantly opposing social groups around the world. Social groups can include, large religious groups around the world, small local individual groups, politics, social classes, and much more. Harris states, “Class, race, and gender are the principal factors that shape “who gets what”, not the unconscious operation of a harmonious social system” (Harris, 6). In some cultures, gender roles vary, and what is functional for one culture might not be functional for another, which can lead to continuous power struggle. The metaphor “society war” is associated with the conflict theory because of the constant battle between social groups and classes (Harris, 5).
In comparison, Symbolic interactionism views the entire society as the number of individuals and groups interacting. Symbolic interactionism is symbolically domain. Symbols are derived from social entities, which are shared while socially interacting and give meaning to...

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...dividual’s belief of acceptable suicide in the United States, as well as the increase of suicides in the U.S. and around the world.

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