What Americans Are Eating in Today's Society Essay

What Americans Are Eating in Today's Society Essay

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In America, all we see are fast food restaurants. It seems like no matter where you look there’s one or two or even three right next to each other. America has grown lazy, families don’t cook or sit around the table for dinner or any meals whatsoever. The children are the ones who are paying the price, obesity and diabetes have become such great health concerns now and it is just getting worse. But who exactly is to blame for this? The children, parents, society, government? Well all of them actually. They all play a part in this health epidemic in the United States of America.
Obesity is becoming a big problem in America. All people eat now is fast food and no one takes time to make a healthy meal anymore. “Global prevalence estimates indicate that in 2004 approximately 10% (150-160 million) of school-aged children (5 to 17 years) were overweight, and 2-3% (35-40 million) were obese,” (Wilken, Lynne R., 2013). People say that parents are the ones to blame for the growing obesity percentage, after all they are the ones who should be watching what their children eat. Families used to sit around the dining table every single day and enjoy meals together but now everyone just eats out. Parents don’t have time to cook or spend time with their kids to actually monitor everything they eat. Families are so diverse now with single parents who can’t be there for their kids, they need to work for two to keep a roof over their head. They do not have time to cook and maybe they don’t have the money to buy healthy food. The easiest thing for them to do is to just go stop by a fast food place, which won’t be far, and order a large cheeseburger with large fries and a large drink. It is the cheapest and easiest thing to do since they don’t hav...

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