Essay on What Advice Would You Give Your Patient?

Essay on What Advice Would You Give Your Patient?

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Your patient is having difficulty breathing and increased heart rate. You are unable to physically touch the patient, but you are able to see them and communicate with them. What advice would you give to your patient? Telenursing is up and coming and a new trend of nursing that monitors the patients in their home. The nurse assists the patient by” gathering information, assessing the client’s needs, providing health information and health consultations” (Kamei, T. (n.d.). As a nurse is this a setting you would like to work in? This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of telenursing and help this writer make a decision if telenursing if right for her.
What is telenursing?
Telenuring is a new trend of nursing and is rapidly evolving. This form of nursing involves gathering information about your patient over a telephone or video. The nurses identify the patient’s needs and refer them to the proper level of care. They do this by assessing the patient’s symptoms, following algorithms, analyzing the seriousness of the symptoms and using their nursing skills.
Telenursing is being developed in many different countries to cut down on medical cost, assist in chronic diseases, assist older patient in their homes and to enhance health care patients that live in secluded geological areas.
Disadvantages of Telenursing.
Telenursing is it helpful or harmful? There have been some tragic events with the use of telenursing. There have been reported deaths linked to the use of telenursing. The telenurse did use the algorithms , but the patient was not advised in seeking emergency medical advice which resulted in the patient’s death.
Assessing the patient’s symptoms over the phone or video can be difficult for the nurse. The c...

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...t and human touch. Studies show that human touch is an asset when treating older adults.
This writer currently works in a skilled nursing facility where she has contact with residents on a daily basis. This writer enjoys talking with the residents and having the face to face contact. Human touch definitely is an asset to the older population. But this writer also knows how important it is for the residents to stay in their home as long as they can. Although there are cons to telenursing there are also many advantages. This writer feels she can develop relationships and trust through communication. This writer is confident of her nursing skills and she feels she could be an asset to the patients that are living at home and assist with guiding them in improving their health care issues. This writer feels that she could have a career as a telenurse.

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