Essay on What About Tacos? Mexico And Taste A Taco?

Essay on What About Tacos? Mexico And Taste A Taco?

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What about tacos?
Have you ever been in Mexico and taste a taco? If not, pay attention to the next. Many people only know about one kind of tacos, but is there only one? The answer is no.
The tacos have a history of more than 100 yeas and it was created by farmers. The creation was to make it simple and faster to eat.
Tacos share the same similarity, all of them consist of putting the ingredients on a circle slide made of corn. The reason of this particular circular slice is because the circular surface allows human hands to grab the taco more easily. These circular slice made of corn are named as tortillas.
Tacos, for being one of the most popular and representative dishes in Mexico; it is very vast. It has many kinds, such as “Tacos de Canasta”, Tacos del Pastor”, “Tacos de Carnitas” and “Tacos de Barbacoa”.
If you walk through out the streets in Mexico, you will probably find the most popular tacos name “tacos de canasta” and “tacos de suadero”, “pastor” and “tripas”. The first one consist of the combination of the tacos with a little meat, which is placed inside of a basket and be steam the for many hours. The other three consist of putting the meat of suadero (beef), tripas (pork) and pastor (pork) into a bow and using the combination of many ingredients such as oil, pepper, milk, onion and lemons to cook over 4 hours.
Another trend that belongs to the tacos is the family of “carnitas”. This one consist of putting all the parts of meat that is in the pork. Tacos de Carnitas are usually bigger ( about double) than the others and also a little more expensive than the two above. The last big family is the “Tacos de Barbacoa”. This one is way more expensive and smaller than the others. It is more expensive because is made of ...

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...makes it looks delicious. Is is a combination of the coco and walnut flavor. The dessert is a little crunchy and soft at the same time. Crunchy on the exterior and soft in the interior.

The most common ingredients of the cocada are coco, walnut, sugar, and milk.

Palanqueta de Cacahuate: It is a crunchy and sweet dessert. It is more like a snack made by peanuts and surround by caramel. It gives energy to people. Easy to be made at home.

The most common ingredients of this desserts are peanuts, sugar, and butter.

Pastel de tres leches: Known for its liquid and creamy taste. It is named by “tres leches”because of the combination of three kinds of milk. Milky and delicious is the best use to describe it.

The most common ingredients of this cake are eggs, milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla, flour, and cream.

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