Essay on What A Healthy Soul Is The Best For Their Soul

Essay on What A Healthy Soul Is The Best For Their Soul

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There’s many opinions on what a healthy soul is. It differs from person to person depending on what they believe in and how they live their daily lives. For example, Aristotle’s opinion on a healthy soul would to be the happiest person someone can be with their intellect. On the other hand, Crito’s opinion on a healthy soul would to live a life full of wealth and popularity. Whatever a person’s opinion is, that is how they will live their life and believe that it’s the best for their soul. In my own opinion, changing the world, maintaining physical and mental stability, and religion are the most important parts of building a healthy soul.
First of all, changing the world, There’s a purpose that we live in this world we are in and I believe it’s to make it a better place. Part of this is not only building a healthy soul for myself, but also help others to build theirs. My mom always told me to surround myself with people who have the same goal as me. How am I supposed to reach my goal without any peers to guide me? This is why I have to help others live life successfully and maintai...

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