Essay on The Whale Rider : The Hero's Journey

Essay on The Whale Rider : The Hero's Journey

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A hero is someone who will attempt everything in their power to help others and risk everything they have to help others. In the movie, The Whale Rider, you can clearly see all the elements of The Hero’s Journey. A young girl named Paula Apirana, is living in a small village with her grandparents. Paika’s dad, who is living in Spain, returns to see Paula and proposes that she should come live with him. She declines the offer and decided to stay with her grandparents. Paula then secretly tries to learn the important ritual, that only males are allowed to learn. Her grandpa, Paka, gets extremely angry at her until he realizes that she is the “chosen one” to perform the ritual. Paika goes through many difficult challenges, however she manages to complete the Hero’s Journey.
Paika, a young 10 year old girl, is living with her grandparents in a small village. Paika’s father comes home to surprise Paika, as he is currently living in Spain. Paika then has a disputed with her grandpa, which ends with Paka wanting Paika to leave their village. The father then offers Paika to come li...

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